Abruzzo and Molise

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Pescara is the result of the union of two distinct towns, one to the South of the Pescara river, known as Portanuova, and one to the North; situated in a strip of land between the sea and the hills. The merging of the territories came about in 1926 and was promoted by the influential Italian writer and poet Gabriele D'Annunzio, who was born in the area. Since then, the town has continued to develop so as to become one of Italy's most modern cities.


Wedding in Termoli

One glimpse of the unique ambience of Termoli, and the visitor will wonder how a city with such a stretch of untainted coastline and seaside splendor remains so surprisingly small and uncluttered by tourists.
Currently the largest and most important littoral resort town in Molise, Termoli consists of a newer, more modern zone and a contained ancient village, referred to as "Borgo Vecchio."
Perched high up on a rocky peak, Borgo Vecchio is comprised mainly of local sailors' ancient homes.


Abruzzi (Abruzzo) and Molise

It is blessed with stunning sandy beaches, dramatic cliffs, snow capped mountains, medieval towns and villages, broad plains, amazing castles and an abundance of rare flora and fauna. One region until 1963, Abruzzo and Molise - previously just plain Abruzzi - together make Italy's transition from north to south. Both are sparsely populated mountainous regions. You could spend a whole and very varied holiday in Abruzzi .

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