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Wedding at Lake Como

Like the other Italian Lakes, Lake Como has been popular as a resort since the days of the Roman Empire.
Visitors ever since have admired the blue waters and relaxed in luxurious villas in the wooded lakeside slopes above.
Today, most of the towns around the shores of Lake Como are popular with tourists, walkers, cyclists and swimmers.
Como is really a city steeped in history and culture and its surroundings neighbours will support this.
Fantastic villas and buildings abound.
All accessible from the lake side routes.


Wedding at Lake Garda

A rich vegetation flourishes thanks to the Mediterranean climate: lemon trees, oleanders, magnolias and bouganville.
The cultivation of vineyards and olive groves produces good wines and olive oil.
Walking leisurely around the small village centres, going on a boat trip, exploring the surroundings in a wide choice of itineraries are the best ways of enjoying the lively atmosphere of the lake and the beauty of the landscape.


Wedding at Lake Maggiore

Like the other northern Italian lakes, Lake Maggiore's credentials as a tourist destination go back a long way.
The early twentieth century saw a spate of illustrious visitors enjoying themselves in luxurious lakeside villas and verdant gardens.
The most popular Lake Maggiore resorts are on the western shores of the lake. Stresa is a lovely town with beautiful villas and gardens (some open to the public), a good climate and lake views.


Lake District

May and  September are the two best months for weddings at the Italian Lake District: the weather is lovely and the crowds are light.
The two most popular lakes are :

Lake Maggiore
Lake Maggiore, the second largest lake in Italy, and on its western coast is the town of Stresa. There you can take a cable car ride up to Monte Mottarone, where a breathtaking  panoramic view of Monte Rosa and the surrounding mountains awaits you. The beautiful Borromean Islands are the highlight - and the tiny Isola Bella is the jewel.

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