Ancestors Town Weddings in Italy

Ancestor Towns Marriages in Italy


Especially dedicated to couples who dream to discover their Italian roots by celebrating the most important day of their lives in the hometown of their parents or grandparents In Italy.

ItalyItalianWeddings has been successful in planning Civil and Religious Weddings in all Italy also in remote locations where great-grandparents originated from.

Our Planning Specialists will visit your ancestral home town, research, locate civil Wedding Halls, churches, suitable reception venues, accommodation and transport arrangements.
ItalyItalianWeddings will plan and arrange a Wedding Day you and your Family will never forget ! Couples who are of Italian descent may choose also to incorporate a variety of Italian traditions into their wedding even if they have never even set foot on Italian soil.
This is a fun way to honor your ancestors with a nostalgic glimpse into the past and we will assist giving you full details on local Wedding traditions.

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