Custom Art and Design for Weddings in Italy

Custom Italian Themed Wedding Invitations


Italy Italian Weddings offers you a fully customized Wedding Invitations design service, for printed invitations or online e-cards! You may choose from our Italian themed invitations templates, or have your design especially made for you, from our designer. The cards will feature graphic elements related to Italy and/or your Wedding Venue, or whatever other subject of your preference!

For printed cards, we will get in touch directly with a print shop of your choice in your location, and send them the necessary files for them to print high quality invitations for your wedding. You may also choose to have your guests informed of your wedding date through a 'Save the Date' e-card, that you can send directly from our wedding websites portal . If you request both services, your 'Save the Date' e card will have the same look of your Wedding Invitation! Optionally, you may want to get a Wedding Website of identical design! For more information, visit our wedding websites portal .

*Italy Italian Weddings offers you the possibility of having your cards printed in Italy and sent from our wedding planners, and the ability of requesting fully handcrafted Italian made Invitations, of unique design and created with beautiful textured paper and flowers, laces, and other beautiful details. For more information, contact us!

Service extended description: 

Custom Art and Design for Weddings

Original and unique handcrafted wedding invitations, only by request! A service brought to you in exclusive, by Italy Italian Wedding Websites.

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