Personal Wedding Shopper in Italy

Personal Shopper for your Wedding in Italy


Shop In Rome, Milan  or in Florence “until your drop” with our Personal Wedding Shoppers (English, Russian and Italian speaking)

A unique and  tailored service offered in Rome, Milan and Florence by Italy Italian Weddings!
For minimum 3 hours up to 6 hours per day , a private chauffeur vehicle is also available to accompany you to the top chic stores,  pre-selected boutique designer stores and Italian designer  outlets near Rome, Milan and Florence .

Plan a wedding shopping itinerary in with our expert Personal Wedding Shoppers who will help with negotiations, assess your personal preferences, budget and timescale.

This shopping service will be tailored to suit your convenience, knowing that each bride is different:  a tailored approach, rather than a frenzied dash from one place to another with a schedule of all appointments with selected stores and we will make sure that you will receive a VIP treatment at all stores.

No wonder Rome, Milan and Florence are some of the best cities in all Italy  to shop but it is also a very hectic experience to choose among all the designer stores, boutique shops,  shopping centers and outlets which are  equally all  alluring and attractive.
Anyone new to Rome, Milan or to Florence will undoubtedly face the dilemma of choosing the appropriate shopping options and districts. Without any doubt, you can spend hours exploring shops, markets and stalls aimlessly. 
Contact us for more information and details including a free estimate for this special service.


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