Rehearsal Dinners in Italy

Rehearsal Dinners in Italy


Traditionally, the rehearsal dinner is a meal offered to Bridal Partyer the night before the wedding. Why is it called “rehearsal” dinner? Because typically, the couple and the bridal party, actually rehearse what they will do during the wedding the day after.

Nowadays it is more of a casual dinner celebrated the evening before the wedding, where families and friends mingle together before the "Big Day", and hence all guests are usually invited. Especially in the case of a destination wedding, when many guests have travelled a long way to reach your Wedding location in Italy, inviting all of them to a rehearsal dinner is considered a gesture of thankfulness. Contact us for ideas and options for rehearsal dinner venues among hotel restaurants and bars, local restaurants, pizzerias, trattorias and wine bars, that we will suggest based upon the bride and groom’s preferences, atmosphere, location of guests and budget.

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