Wedding at Lake Nemi

Lake Nemi is the smallest one of the two volcanic lakes between Monti di Albano. An interesting fact is that the area in the resort region of Lazio is mostly known for its wine, but in this case this is strawberry, which grows very fast on the fertile banks of the Lago di Nemi.

The lake is most famous for its sunken ancient Roman ships. These ships were very large and technologically advanced for their time. On the Western edge of the crater at Via Nemorense, there is a fine exhibit of the archeological excavation of the late 1920s which exposed the enormous structure which Caligula had ordered built. Emperors Caligula and Tiberius sailed on Lake Nemi not merely to cool off in summer, but to assert themselves as Nemorensis, rulers aligning with the Stars, wedded to Earth's perpetual life-force. The dense woods that surround the lake were sacred for the Goddess Diana since old times, there are numerous legends and myths set on the banks of the so called “Diana’s mirror”. The town of Nemi was built on a rock in the Medieval years and has always been protected by the castle that over the centuries was transformed into a noble building.

Civil Wedding ceremonies can either take place in the town hall or if requested, in the beautiful Renaissance palace of Palazzo Ruspoli.