Wedding in Montalcino

One of the most beautiful destinations in Italy for couples wishing a Wedding in Tuscany with a truly romantic atmosphere! Montalcino is the homeland of the world famous Tuscan wines of Brunello di Montalcino and Rosso di Montalcino.


From tha many architectural sight in Montalcino, the most famous are :

  • The Rocca,  a beautiful medieval five polygonal tower fortress built in 1361
  • The Palazzo Comunale which is the Town Hall of Montalcino where the Montalcino Wedding Hall is located on the first floors (two hall for Civil Wedding Ceremonies). The palace, built in teh 13th century, has an extraordinary clock tower, symbol of Montalcino
  • The Municipal and Diocesan Museum od Sacred Art in the monastery of St. Agostino which has one of the most important collections of medieval and modern art in the district of Siena
  • The Church of the Madonna del Soccorso built in the17th century with an amazing travertine neoclassical facade
  • The Dome of St. Salvatore, a 14th century Romanesque-Gothic church
  • The  church of St. Egidio, a Gothic and Romanesque church built in 1325

Montalcino offers many wonderful option to celebrate a truly unique Wedding in Tuscany historical villas, beautiful castles among precious vineyards and olive groves or traditional Tuscan restaurants where local Tuscan cuisine and wines are truly over the top!