Wedding in Oriolo Romano

Oriolo Romano, a truly hidden Renaissance gem close to Rome, offering a magnificent backdrop for your unique Wedding! Oriolo Romano is located just near Rome: 15 minutes from Lake Bracciano, 45 minutes from the heart of Rome and 35 minutes from Rome Fiumicino airport.

Oriolo Romano was founded in 1562 by Giorgio Santacroce around a Palace (or Palazzo) he had acquired from the noble family Orsini and which was surrounded by woods. Oriolo Romano has a very clearly planned structure with three parallel streets leading to a square closed by a large palace. The main palace, maybe designed by Il Vignola, was modified in the late XVIIth century after Oriolo Romano was acquired in 1671 by the family of Pope Clemens X (1670-76). It is a complex building which seen from different angles appears as a town palace, a villa and a a fortress. The Family of Pope Clement X decorated a long gallery (today a museum) with the portraits of 256 popes.

In the wonderful Palazzo Altieri of Oriolo Romano, Civil Wedding Ceremonies are held all year long.