Wedding in Orvieto

orvieto weddings

Getting married in Orvieto will ensure a truly unmatched wedding set in a traditional Italian town overflowing with history. The town of Orvieto in Umbria region is the place to choose for an unforgettable wedding in Italy and the town offers also many wedding reception venues offering multiple choices for  unique wedding celebrations.
In Orvieto, civil weddings are held at  the historical palace "Palazzo del Popolo" in the hall called "Sala del Quattrocento"  or at the the Cloisters  of St. Francis (Chiostro di San Francesco) or at the Theatre Mancinelli or in the Etruscan caves of Orvieto. There are also many beautiful churches in Orvieto to choose from for a catholic wedding including the 14th century Gothic Cathedral, the icon of the town.