Wedding in Palermo

Located on the ever-popular island of Sicily, Palermo lies on the north-westerly coast and boasts a particularly large and important natural port, next to the Monte Pellegrino.

With typical Mediterranean character and plenty of coastal appeal, Palermo dates back as far as the 8th century and is today known for many different things, such as its endless Norman buildings, magnificent palaces and lively local markets.
The city is rich in works of art as Byzantine, Arab, and Norman influence are combined in many buildings.
To the first-time visitor, Palermo is a city of ever-changing character.
An abundance of dusty museums, Arabian domes and flourishes of baroque splendor jostle with boisterous markets, chaotic traffic and oppressive summer heat.
The Sicilian hotspot is a noisy, polluted, often dangerous, but always fascinating city.
Don't miss marvels of Arab-Norman architecture, such as 12th-century Palazzo dei Normanni or San Giovanni degli Eremiti.

Palermo is indeed a perfect backdrop for your unique Wedding!