Wedding in Pesaro

The city of Pesaro is located between green, rolling hills and the blue of the Adriatic Sea.
It is a town with two spirits, one ancient and one modern. It is the hometown of the famous composer, Gioacchino Rossini, and many other artists and illustrious intellectuals.
You'll be able to trace the city's ancient history through the remains of Iron Age, Italic, Greek, Etruscan and Roman settlements in the Oliveriano Archeological Museum and marvel at the city's rich artistic heritage by visiting the Civic Museum, full of paintings and ceramic work.
Wandering through the city, you'll see the 15th century castle constructed by the powerful Sforza family, along with the elegant Palazzo Ducale.
Many people love to marvel at the 18th century Palazzo Olivieri, home to one of the most prestigious conservatories in all of Italy and possibly the world.
Take a break from sightseeing and walk along the coast, where Pesaro presents itself as a "garden city", complete with green spaces and even splendid beaches.
Take a stroll to the port area, and if you're visiting Pesaro in the summer, be sure to catch a ride on a boat that will give you the tour of the coast.

Pesaro will be a unique backdrop for your Wedding!