Wedding in Pescara

Pescara is the result of the union of two distinct towns, one to the South of the Pescara river, known as Portanuova, and one to the North; situated in a strip of land between the sea and the hills. The merging of the territories came about in 1926 and was promoted by the influential Italian writer and poet Gabriele D'Annunzio, who was born in the area. Since then, the town has continued to develop so as to become one of Italy's most modern cities. Over the decades following its creation, the city has expanded so as to include a fishing port, tourist harbour, international airport with low cost flights from UK and USA and high speed connections to the country's major railway lines and motorways. The A14 coastal motorway puts the coastal towns of Pescara, Ortona and Roseto degli Abruzzi within a few hours’ drive of Puglia to the south and Bologna to the north. The A14 intersects with the A24 and A25, which cross the country and meet the A1 north-south motorway, which in turn runs up the west of the region and just east of Rome. The A1 will take you south to Naples or north to Florence and northern Europe. Then there are the long, sandy beaches and what some would argue is some of the finest food in Italy, especially pasta and fish dishes. There are numerous sites of historic and artistic interest in Pescara, such as the house in which Gabriele D'Annunzio was born, the Genti d'Abruzzo Museum, the Basilio Cascella Art Museum, the Vittoria Colonna Museum of Modern Art, the Villa Urania Ceramiche di Castelli and the Ecomuseo. Among the important churches located in Pescara, one finds the S.Cetteo Cathedral, the Church dell'Adorazione, and the Church of Maria del S.S. Rosario.