Wedding in Todi

Todi was founded by the Umbrian people on 2700 before Christ. On the XII century it bacame free commun, being this the onset of a very positve period, and marvelous monuments like Capitain Palace, il Priori Palace, the Dome and the very remarkable St. Fortunato Church were built. Todi is a picturesque medieval hill town in Umbria, surrounded by medieval, Roman and Etruscan walls.


Although it's a hill town, its center at the top of the hill is flat.
The central piazza, originally the Roman forum, has several beautiful medieval buildings.
Sights are close together and there are good places to linger, enjoying the views or the ambiance.
Todi or the surrounding countryside would make a peaceful base for visiting southern Umbria.

Todi is a special city for a unique wedding and the atmosphere here is like in no other town in Umbria!