Most couples looking for a venue for a luxury wedding abroad in Italy, wish for it to have a set of specific characteristics: a natural environment where they can enjoy of Italy’s beautiful weather and sunshine surrounded by the typical elements of the Mediterranean garden: olive groves, orange and lemon trees and vineyards.

They probably want a tailored wedding reception, at which the scents and flavours of the traditional Italian cuisine are served by professional staff and every complimentary service (decor, flowers, music, illumination, photography, video, etc) is planned, organized, coordinated and looked after by well-qualified experts, who will pay careful attention to detail.

They most likely also want to compliment it all with modern and comfortable facilities, that ensure their stay and that of their guests will be unforgettable. If you feel identified, we have the perfect venue to suggest to you!

Tenuta Centorporte is a luxury hotel and resort only five minutes away from the famous seaside city of Otranto. Surrounded by splending Mediterranean vegetation, Tenuta Centoporte -that takes its name from the many windows present in the remains of the ancient Basilian Abbey of Monastero le Centoporte, from the V-VI century- offers a unique blending of luxury and relaxation.

Wedding receptions at Tenuta Centoporte take place at the exclusive Hotel’s Restaurant, composed of two internal dining rooms and a large terrace, serving the most selected Salento Cuisine of land and sea dishes, that present the regional gastronomic traditions for the enjoyment of all senses, and are skillfully prepared by top professionals. The elegant and delicate decoration, creates a luxury and sophisticated atmosphere to enhance the celebration.

Tenuta Centoporte offers accommodation in a total of 37 different kind of rooms and suites, decorated with the elegance and sobriety of the high class Mediterranean mansions, all with private entrance and equipped with modern appliances.

Please visit their profile on our website, to enjoy dozens of pictures in their gallery and read more about Tenuta Centoporte. Our professional wedding planner Daniela Castellarin will be glad to personally answer any questions regarding the possibility of celebrating your wedding reception, at this amazing wedding venue in Italy!