Tivoli is only 30 kilometers (about 19 miles) away from the center of Rome, a historical and beautiful town rich in history and amazing views of the Roman Countryside and Rome. The town of Tivoli was founded in Etruscan times and was known as Tibur. Tivoli fell under papal control in the Middle Ages and most of its monuments date from those times, like the Palace of Arengo, the Community Tower (Torre del Comune) and the Church of Saint Michael, all built in this period. Later in the Renaissance, several Popes built several beautiful buildings Tivoli, like the massive Rocca Pia, built in 1461 by Pope Pius II. This trend continued in the 16th century, with the construction of several important villas, like Villa d’Este, today a World Heritage Site with wonderful manicured gardens, statues and fountains and the majestic ancient Roman Hadrian’s Villa, a marvel of the 2nd century AD.
Hadrian’s Villa is an exceptional complex, commissioned by Emperor Hadrian created in the 2nd century AD (117d.c.). Villa D’Este and/or  Hadrian’s Villa would be a wonderful backdrop for your Wedding pictures in Italy! Tivoli is a vibrant town near Rome  full of small restaurants, historical churches, ice-cream shops, cafès, pizzerias, local markets and wine bars.

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Only half an hour drive away from the heart of Rome, this Wedding Hall is located in a palace called “Palazzo San Bernardino”, a former monastery of the 15th century. Richly decorated with frescoes and paintings from the Renaissance times -including “La Pala d’Altare” by the Italian painter Sano di Pietro (1406-1481), there are also many Roman statues, mosaics, precious paintings and antique furniture which richly decorates Tivoli Wedding Hall.

Please take a look at the pictures selection, and visit Tivoli Wedding Hall’s profile on our website, to see more pictures of Tivoli (including a photo shoot at Villa d’Este) and learn more about Tivoli Wedding Hall! You are always welcome to contact our chief wedding planner Daniela Castellarin for a free consultation!