Paperwork Requirements for Australian Citizens

An Atto Notorio (sworn declaration) with witnesses at the neareast Italian Consulate must be done. For contact information and address of Italian Consulates in Australia, please click on the following link :

Fix an appoitment for your Atto Notorio and also witnesses should be present at your Atto Notorio (please check with the Italian Consulate on how many witnesses you should bring). If you are divorced or widowed, you must also bring at your appointment your divorce decree or certificate of death of previous spouse that can be obtained from the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages in Australia.

Please Note: In Italy, women cannot marry before 300 days of her divorce or date of death of previous spouse if widowed. In special circumstances it is possible to obtain a special authorization from the Italian Law Court authorities.

If it may be difficult to obtain your Atto Notorio in Australia, you may also obtain your Atto Notorio in Italy at an Italian Court and two witnesses and interpreter will be needed. We can also provide for this service which includes to fix the appointment for your Atto Notorio, an interpreter and if needed also two witnesses upon request.


In addition to the Atto Notorio, you will need to make in person a Statutory Declaration (Nulla Osta) that literally states that there are no impediments to your marriage and must be signed in person in the presence of an Australian Consular officer at the Consular Section of the Australian Embassy in Rome or at the Australian Consulate in Milan. The Nulla Osta is valid for six months and the Consular fee (for 2012)  for the issue of the Nulla Osta is Euro 40 each to be paid in cash only at the Australian Consulate. If you have been divorced, you must also provide a copy of your divorce decree.