Paperwork requirements for Canadian citizens wishing to get married in Italy

Canadian citizens wishing to get married in Italy must present a sworn declaration called NULLA OSTA (also known as Certificate of non impediment) to the Registry Office of the city or town where the wedding will be performed. The Canadian Government does not issue the Nulla Osta, however the Canadian Embassy in Rome and the Consular General in Milan assist Canadian citizens preparing a declaration containing the relevant information needed by the Italian authorities.

1.Set up an appointment with the Canadian Authorities in Rome or in Milan and swear an affidavit stating that there are no impediment to the proposed marriage. In this case the applicant should fill out an appropriate FORM A that we can provide and bring the following documents:
  • Valid Canadian passport
  • Proof of Canadian citizenship (Canadian birth certificate or Certificate of Canadian Citizenship
  • Document issued by the competent Vital Statistics authorities in Canada confirming that no registration of marriage appears in their records (if obtainable)
  • Complete details of the future spouse (full name, date and place of birth, residence, father’s name and mother’s maiden name
  • Final divorce decree or death certificate of previous spouse (if divorced or widowed)
  • Parents’ consent (if the person is under marriageable age)
2 .The affidavit can also be sworn in front of a notary public in Canada or a consular official at Canadian Embassies or Consulates in other countries. In this case, you will need to complete a FORM B that we can supply and all you have to do is send documents (above listed) through correspondence and there is no need you to present personally  in Milan or Rome to complete paperwork. It is very important that in addition to the form B, you have notarized also the other documents required (see list above). Once these documents are fully completed you can send them to Italy using a reliable courier to your Wedding Planner along with payment of the Consular fees and in some cases payment may be done through us.
Last step: Legalization of your declaration in Italy: The declaration must then be legalized by the Italian authorities (Prefecture Office) and this is done by our Wedding Coordinators.