Project Description

San Miniato Wedding Hall

Type of Venue: 
Wedding Halls
Venue’s capacity: 
100 people

San Miniato is an ancient town, 20 km from Pisa and 40 km from Florence sitting high atop a hill above the Val D’Elsa.  Its strategic position made it the home of the Holy Roman Emperors in Tuscany, and in the 12th century it became an important Imperial fortress, protecting the crossroads of the main road from Florence to Pisa where it intersected with the Via Francigena, which was the major pilgrimage route from France to Rome.

In 1533, as Michelangelo wrote in one of his manuscripts, he met with Pope Clement VII in San Miniato where the pontiff commissioned him to paint the Sistine Chapel. The historic centre is medieval dominated by a beautiful Cathedral in its centre and at the highest point.

San Miniato is also well known for it’s White Truffles and holds a major truffle festival each November: it is the time of the San Miniato Truffle Show, which goes on throughout the month, attracting all of the area’s truffle merchants, and buyers from around the world.

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