Same-sex unions in italy

Celebrating love in Italy, involves great romantic atmosphere, great food and of course great wines!

Same-sex weddings in Italy are now legally recognized through a civil union ceremony! Italy recognises and celebrates civil unions for same-sex couples since 2016 and they are NO residency requirements before the Ceremony.

Here are the services that we offer for same-sex couples wishing to legally get married in a civil union ceremony in Italy:

  • Booking your civil union ceremony at a Town Hall or fully licensed venue of your choice in Italy
  • All paperwork assistance with your Wedding Planner and support throughout all the paperwork process
  • Translations and registrations of legal paperwork (according to your nationalities)
  • Interpreter for the civil union ceremony as required by law
  • Assistance in personalising your civil union ceremony with your own vows, music, etc…
  • Interpreter at your declaration appointment (if applicable)
  • Assistance certificate-legalisation and translation (if applicable)

For couples wishing to skip the paperwork process for a civil union in Italy and prefer a symbolic ceremony, we offer assistance in booking a professional celebrant, assistance for searching the perfect venue in Italy according to your tastes. Our professional celebrants have years of experience and we can help you plan and organize a great ceremony with relatives and friends or a small intimate celebration depending upon your preferences.

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