Wedding Packages

On this page we present our special wedding packages. Each wedding package contains a different set of services to better suit your specific needs . By choosing one of our wedding packages, we guarantee competitive prices and the same high quality of all services.

We offer you a very comprehensive variety of services, top wedding venues and service providers, so that you can make your Italian Wedding dream come true! You may combine any and all of our services, request a specific service provider, select your favorite venue, and build your own wedding package with our full assistance.

You may also want to choose one of our Special Packages below, or take them as a starting point or example, to start planning your wedding in Italy!

Every wedding is different, so our wedding packages can be tailored specifically to your needs and reflect your budget.
We pride ourselves on a high quality service at competitive prices and can be ultimately flexible as all of our services are “made to measure”.

€ 7,290
Please see pack.
€ 790
€ 1,999
€ 1,990
€ 2,290
€ 2,990
€ 1,990
€ 1,980
€ 9,650
€ 9,650