Catholic Weddings in Italy

Catholic Weddings in Italy can only be performed in a catholic church and can only be celebrated when one of the parties is of catholic religion. A Catholic Wedding in Italy usually includes a full mass service  which lasts approximately 50 – 60 minutes.

In the case of one of the parties being divorced after a previous Catholic Wedding, the Catholic Church will not allow you to remarry in church unless you have an annulment of such previous marriage recognized by the Catholic Authorities. Catholic Weddings in Italy can also be legally binding if the legal paperwork is also provided for the civil portion. Catholic Weddings are normally performed in Italian and we can provide for an English speaking priest upon request.

Most of the churches prefer to receive directly from spouses a church donation as a courtesy gesture. Sensitivity is required when choosing the wedding dress: no bare shoulders are permitted in church and this rule applies also to your female Guests.

Please see the list of legal documentation required to get married in Italy, for catholic weddings.