Civil Weddings in Italy

Get married in Italy with the most traditional Civil Wedding Ceremony! There are many Wedding Halls in Italy to choose from for your Italian Civil Wedding Ceremony:  charming  historical villas, medieval castles, historical palaces with panoramic terraces spread out all over the country. Italy doesn’t have many paperwork requirements and no residency requirements are needed before your Wedding.

Civil ceremonies are officiated by an Italian local government authority and are legally recognized in your country.

The Italian Civil Wedding Ceremony  is performed in Italian by the Mayor or Civil Registrar, with an official Interpreter (provided by us) and it consists of a mix between articles of the Italian civil code and traditional Italian marriage vows. The ceremony lasts about twenty minutes and can be customized with elements that express your own personalities and values: music, readings, poetry and personal vows.

Depending on the specific location or wedding hall chosen and on your citizenship, you may be required to arrive to Italy a couple of days before the ceremony,  while in most cases, arriving the day before your wedding will suffice. Two witnesses are reqired to be present by law, and we may provide for both if necessary.

Please also see the list of legal requirements to get married in Italy.