Protestant Weddings in Italy

There is a wide range of religious practices under the Protestant religious groups: Protestants are Anglicans, Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists, Episcopalians, Presbyterians and others.
Protestant weddings in Italy can be either a religious blessing or we can provide a Minister/Pastor who will perform a civil and protestant ceremony simultaneously.

In this last case the Minister/Pastor will perform, as a Public Magistrate, a Protestant ceremony with civil validity according to the Italian Law which is recognized world-wide. One of the parties, (not necessarily both), need to be baptized Christian.
The Pastor normally asks to “meet” the couple either by e-mail or by phone before the Wedding.
The paperwork requirements for the civil/legal portion varies according to the nationalities of Bride and Groom and Italy Italian Weddings will assist you with to get all documents necessary.

Protestant Weddings can be arranged at Protestant Churches or at your private Castle, Villa , Hotel , gardens, terrace or at any private location (outdoors or indoors).

Couples  may personalize their ceremony by choosing favourite readings, adding a special part as the ” lighting of candles and their own vows or promises to the formal one or a more simpler ceremony according to their wishes.

For a Protestant Wedding without the civil/legal portion, the Minister/Pastor will require a valid and recent civil marriage certificate prior the ceremony. Ceremonies for marriage anniversaries or renewal of wedding vows can also be also organized.