LED Uplighting will create the WOW factor you deserve for your wedding in Italy from the moment guests arrive at your Italian wedding venue, enhance the dining and after dinner areas. The  LED uplights are normally completely wireless, which means you won’t have to worry about any cables running around your venue.as they are fully battery-powered  They can also be remotely controlled to dial in colour and dim the lights if necessary.

You may choose different colours depending on your wedding palette and preferences or have them all: lighting up your venue with a rainbow of colours 🙂

Uplighting should not be confused with dance floor lighting. Dance floor lighting typically moves and changes based on the music and is pointed mainly at the dance floor (normally provided by the DJ).

LED uplighting will surely bring out and highlight all the beauty of your Italian wedding venue including also the outdoor areas.

It is not an expensive service and you may think about spending less on florals and decorations and add LED uplighting for your Wedding in Italy.  Please contact us if you may wish more information for this service for your Wedding Venue in Italy – Contact us today for more information and for a free consultation on WhatsApp or complete your REQUEST FORM

Take a look at the following beautiful pictures of LED Uplighting at one of the most beautiful Italian villa wedding and reception venues near Rome: Villa Grazioli

 Photo credit: STUDIO25

Uplighting service: Nico Celano – Smiling People

uplighting villa grazioli




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